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Born in Texas, raised free range in TN, slightly overcooked in CA, then back home to TN for dry aging. 

Drew was born into the arms of music, with significant family connections and DNA. A bit of talent, a love of food, literature, and some unique quirks set him on the creative path early. 

Singing his first show at the age of nine, Drew stayed on stage until his early 20’s, bouncing between food and social work jobs, then graduating to the business side of things when he moved from East TN to Nashville. 

In ‘98 BMG Publishing moved him to Los Angeles, setting his move to Sync & Production into motion. After BMG, Drew entered the trailer world at Open Road Entertainment, followed by Ignition Creative, and then years of freelance, all the while, with production playing a role in his own brand of music supervision. 

Over the course of this 15+ year stretch, Drew contributed to over 2,500 campaigns and brands, produced over 35 albums and EP’s, and played a significant role in what eventually became known as trailerizing songs. 

In 2018 Drew relocated back home to Nashville and hit the ground running, consulting for companies like RareSpark, Tree Vibez, Carnival, and Lip Sync Music. This soon lead to a 4 year stint at Anthem Entertainment through its acquisition of Lip Sync Music.  

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