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Born in the desert mining town of Broken Hill, Australia (popularly known as the set of Mad Max 2, Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and Mission Impossible II) matured in Singapore, chilled in the South of France and home to Australia to rest.

The son of a bush pilot, raised in the company of artists and filmmakers, Ben was gifted his first ukulele at age 6 and did his first gig on bass at 13, where he got $50, a beer and a kiss. A winning combination which indelibly burned itself into his young mind, cementing his trajectory into a life of music.

Hired by legendary Aussie/SEAsian audio branding company Song Zu in 2001 who moved him to Singapore as an in house composer, Ben learned how to wield a hook, tell a story and produce world class music and sound.

By 2007 his sense of adventure, borne in the sparse desert and open skies of Broken Hill, led Ben to open his own Sonic Branding company The Gunnery, which he sold in 2019 and headed back to Oz.

Ben has created music and sound for most international brands, agencies, TV networks and movie studios on over 1000 campaigns.

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